New Vendor Spotlight: Vi-Jon

Background & Products
Based in St. Louis, MO, Vi-Jon has manufactured products for over 115 years and counting. It is proudly an employee-owned company that manufactures products in over 14 product categories and is the leading private label chemical supplier in the United States. It has manufacturing (946,000 Sq. Ft.) and distribution facilities (1.2 million Sq. Ft.) in both St. Louis, MO and Smyrna, TN.

Vi-Jon is best known for its Germ-X and Swan brand names. Germ-X is a family of sanitizer and hand soap products. Swan is known for its Isopropyl Alcohol and Peroxide products, and a multitude of personal care and digestive aid products.

With more than 1,500 product SKUs in-stock, Vi-Jon has what you need for personal hygiene and care products. 


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