Merrifield Office: Forging Growth through Community

Merrifield Office in Enid, Oklahoma, exemplifies forward-thinking entrepreneurship by leveraging its ISG membership as a foundation for sustained success in a competitive business landscape that values adaptability and innovation. Their continuous achievements underscore the significance of staying at the forefront in today's dynamic business environment.

"Since joining ISG in the early '90s, we've seen tremendous growth and transformation," said Jason Merrifield, President of Merrifield’s. "We've expanded from supplies to furniture and are now looking to diversify into breakroom and Jan/San products. Embracing new technologies and refining our sales processes have been our biggest challenges, but with ISG's support, we've been able to leverage social media and update our website, expanding our reach and product offerings."

Central to Merrifield’s growth has been their collaboration with fellow ISG members. Their utilization of ISG’s vast dealer network has allowed them to streamline their operations and expand their volume. This collaborative approach has enabled Merrifield’s to enhance their competitive edge and foster long-term relationships with customers, all while navigating the dynamic landscape of the business world.

“The purchasing power we’ve been able to take advantage of has really enabled us to buy better”, said Jason. “Ultimately this has benefited us, and has been a real asset to our customers, with our ability to offer them competitive pricing and improved margins."

As a family-owned and operated business, Merrifield’s has used the ISG programs and resources as invaluable tools to their ability to continue to grow and change as the business landscape around them does the same. However, it’s been the ability of Merrifield Office to count on the support of the family-like community of ISG members that has been essential to their sustainability.

“All of the networking opportunities that we’ve taken advantage of, especially at the annual Industry Week meeting, have been a huge asset," said Jason. "The camaraderie among members and the exchange of ideas have been instrumental in our growth. One memorable instance was when we bought a semi-truck full of water simply by networking at the Industry Week Tradeshow—an opportunity we wouldn't have had otherwise."

Looking ahead, Jason and Merrifield Office are excited to continue further along their path of innovation and success. With unwavering enthusiasm, they eagerly anticipate seizing every opportunity that comes their way with a sense of confidence based on their ability to leverage the power of their ISG membership into their business operations. 

“I believe we continue to make the most out of our ISG membership because of our willingness to use the group to turn every challenge into an opportunity,” said Jason. “That is what has really fueled our innovation and success.”

If you would like more information about Merrifield Office, please contact Jason Merrifield by emailing him at
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