KAP CC LLC's Business Flourishes as ISG Member

In a courageous life change after the devastating losses of her sister and best friend, Kellie Pickard started her now-booming eCommerce business, KAP CC LLC, with the name derived from the initials of her beloved sister (KAP) and her best friend (CC).

Since joining Independent Suppliers Group (ISG) in March of 2021, Kellie has seen her company grow exponentially, experiencing higher levels of consistent success thanks to the streamlining of many day-to-day tasks, such as invoice management, payments to suppliers, and accounting.

“ISG has a simple-to-use interface that has helped me manage the growth of my business by providing an accounting workflow that’s fast, easy to use, and efficient,” said Kellie Pickard, Owner of KAP CC LLC. “The most important membership benefit at ISG is the access to suppliers and manufacturers, enabling us to buy direct at lower prices and allowing us to host a larger catalog of products.”

KAP CC's ability to source and offer their customers a diverse range of products at competitive prices has been paramount to their success and highlights their dedication, and the importance of reaching out to suppliers in all parts of the country to provide a wide range of products from a long list of suppliers, through the use of an ISG membership.

“Being a member of ISG has been an absolute game-changer,” said Kellie. “ISG has provided a ladder to climb step-by-step into higher sales, profits, and margins, thereby allowing me to create more jobs within my community. It’s a win-win all around.”

Between the vast network of suppliers and the assistance in managing the time-consuming tasks of running a company day-to-day, KAP CC has leveraged the benefits of their ISG membership into their most successful year of business. In 2022 alone, KAP CC generated over two million dollars in sales.

“Being with ISG has really helped me gain greater knowledge of the industry,” said Kellie. “It has also given me the chance to get to know and engage with many people within the industry. I have really enjoyed the relationships I’ve made with the people I’ve met through ISG. Many of my sales representatives and account managers feel like members of my team, just as ISG does.”

If you would like more information about KAP CC, please reach out to Kellie Pickard by emailing her at pickard.kjp@googlemail.com.
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