JB Office Creates Deeper Vendor Relations with ISG's INTEC Program

(JB Office Team)
As CEO and President of JB Office in Chatsworth, California, Julian De Salay is constantly looking to break into new areas of business and extend the reach of his organization. However, it can be a difficult task for a company of any size to find a way to foster the necessary vendor relationships in a deeper and more meaningful way.

That’s why in 2014 Julian became an ISG member to take advantage of the INTEC program.

INTEC is a group focused on selling contracted toner. The group shares best practices and helps identify opportunities for improvement and a roadmap to implement new ideas and initiatives. INTEC also works closely with the most relevant suppliers in the print industry and have deep relationships at all levels of these organizations, enabling INTEC to help ISG members navigate these companies to achieve success. ISG members also find financial benefits through INTEC’s preferred programs and custom pricing with each of these suppliers.

“I recommend that all ISG members looking at focusing on the non-traditional OP business take advantage of the INTEC program,” Julian De Salay said. It really helps you build a strong program. I also think if you already have a strong Imaging Business/MPS, it can enhance your business to another level. Plus, quite honestly, it’s like adding very knowledgeable teammates to your company to help push you harder to find the success you are looking for.”

Aside from the financial benefits and the ability to expand into new markets, the INTEC program was also able to help JB Office with their original goal of making deeper and more meaningful vendor relationships.

“The INTEC program has really made our dealership better and stronger,” De Salay said. “I’m not sure if vendor relationships are something you can necessarily perfect or solve. However, being part of a group with a program like INTEC that has a team always coming up with new ways to help its members will always put you on the right track to be successful.”

The INTEC program at its core is about making members and their organizations more resilient and competitive. That’s why, after learning about all the different programs and benefits the ISG had to offer, the decision for Julian and JB Office to become a member was an easy one.

“We were really looking to become part of something bigger than ourselves,” De Salay said. “We were looking for something that could help us get access to programs we wouldn’t normally qualify for on our own. I really look at it as another fraternity that I belong to, especially with the help and support from the ISG staff and my fellow members.”

If you would like to find out more information on how JB Office utilized the INTEC program to help their business, Julian De Salay can be reached by calling 818-578-4576 or by email at jdesalay@shopjboffice.com