Emerald Business Supply's Successful Use of the Buy Direct Sell Brands Strategy

In the world of business products, adaptability is key to meeting customer demands. For Emerald Business Supply, a pivotal moment in their journey came with the realization that buying direct through Independent Suppliers Group (ISG) would revolutionize their business strategy. Emerald Business Supply President, Mike O’Connell, vividly recalls the moment when this shift in strategy became imperative.

"It was a late on a Thursday when we received a call from one of our biggest customers with an emergency project due by end of business," said Mike. “They needed 35 boxes of Avery 5160 labels and it was a race against time to get them what they needed. I got in my car drove to our wholesaler’s warehouse, loaded the product and delivered the supplies just in time. That's the exact moment I said to myself that this was crazy. From that moment on I knew we needed to begin stocking higher-moving products.”

Since embracing the Buy Direct Sell Brands strategy, Emerald Business Supply has witnessed a multitude of benefits including the ability to streamline procurement procedures. With weekly meetings to analyze customer buying patterns, Emerald is now making real-time decisions to meet customer needs efficiently.

"Our association with ISG, along with our ability to implement a direct buy game plan, has put Emerald in a great spot for current and future growth," said Mike. “Our bottom line has seen a remarkable boost and ISG’s direct buy program has been instrumental in enhancing our operational efficiencies. I think the biggest advantage we’ve experienced has been the increased profit on our highest moving items.”

Despite the challenges with implementing an entire new way of doing business, the rewards have been significant. Emerald has realized substantial cost savings, with an overall increase in gross profit. Emerald's ISG membership has facilitated valuable partnerships and collaborations within the industry. 

“Implementing the Buy Direct Sell Brands strategy has had a positive impact on just about every aspect of our business,” said Mike. “We’ve had such great success that we’ve begun looking at expanding our options into the janitorial and sanitation sector. We’ve been able to lower our overall costs and being able to talk directly with suppliers has created great working relationships. I truly believe buying direct is the way to go.”

As Emerald continues to thrive, their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. Through the strategic implementation of the Buy Direct Sell Brands strategy, they stand as a testament to the power of adaptability and partnership in the ever-evolving world of business.

If you would like more information about Emerald Business Supply, please contact Mike O’Connell by emailing him at Mike@ebsupplies.com
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