ISG is committed to providing our members with the maximum amount of benefits possible. We accomplish this by forming strategic alliances that strengthen our negotiating position, purchasing power and ultimately our members' return on their investments.


ISG is also proud of our relationship with, NOPA (National Office Products Alliance). NOPA is a dealer organization that is in Washington, standing up for the independent dealer's rights as a businessperson. NOPA has dedicated professionals on Capitol Hill actively working to represent your interests and prevent costly unfair legislation and regulations. NOPA works on high-quality, relevant programs and services that will add genuine value to member dealerships. NOPA is dedicated to providing independent office products dealers with resources that deliver results.

Trimega NOPA Membership Alliance

Five of the world’s leading and most progressive Office Supplies Dealer groups have today announced the formation of an international alliance for the purpose of sharing the vast knowledge, experience and intellect of globally recognised companies and executives within the Office Products market.

Office Choice (Australia), ISG  (USA), Novexco (Canada), Office Friendly (United Kingdom) and Inovocom (South Africa) have joined together under the IOPA banner (International Office Products Alliance) to drive collaboration amongst the management teams of each company in the areas of Private Label sourcing, Best practice sharing, Corporate & Dealer benchmarking and Business model enhancement.