ISG believes that by being armed with the insights, information, and a playing field that is level (with the power channel), the independent dealer can continue to meet the challenges of their market. ISG helps its members 'take back control' and hone that competitive edge by providing members with benefits we like to call the "ISG Advantage".

  • Purchasing Advantages
    ISG negotiates programs with manufacturers designed to make members as competitive as possible with aggressive pricing programs with over 100 direct vendors
  • Direct (and Wholesale) Rebate Programs
    Maximizes rebate and bottom line opportunities with ZERO holdbacks on rebates - ISG pays 100% of rebates (direct & wholesale) by check quarterly
  • Marketing Benefits
    Access to profit producing catalogs, flyers and other marketing programs, emphasizing new products, designed to grow member business
  • A Business Model that Maximizes Member ROI
    ISG's low-cost, low-overhead operation is designed to maximize member return, resulting in Fixed, low monthly dues which allows for the highest ROI for members versus other industry buying groups
  • Industry Access
    Simple, effective access to the key players in the industry through member events and shows
  • Communication & Networking
    Frequent and timely communication on the issues that matter the most, plus the chance to exchange ideas and share best practices with fellow members in ISG conventions, meetings, message boards, webinars and events.

Isn't it time you considered a partner in your quest for business success? Couldn't you use some muscle in your corner? Don't you owe it to your business to strive to make more? Well, there's never been a better time to discover the advantage that hundreds of dealers have already discovered...the ISG Advantage.

ISG Purchasing Association - the largest independent office products dealer group in the world!