Jan/San and Breakroom supplies offer an area of growth for committed dealers in the category. If it is under the roof of your customer it is an area of sales opportunities for you to sell into. Non traditional office products opportunities lie in breakrooms, bathrooms, warehouse environments and outside facilities, not forgetting the traditional offices. Non-traditional customer types such as small to medium-size cleaning services and the backroom uncarpeted areas add to the universe of dealer end user opportunities.

The Jan/San and Breakroom category offers a challenging and competitive atmosphere with new OP dealer competitors entering the arena ranging from coffee services, Jan/San distributors, warehouse clubs and cleaning services The uniqueness of the channel makes it vitally important for the dealer to understand the uniqueness of the channel, pricing mechanics, product availability, and selling techniques to effectively sell against these new competitors.

Look up supplier programs, training materials and promotions to ensure a solid starting point and path for dealers at all levels of dealer engagement into Jan/San and Breakroom. We have teamed up with S.P. Richards and Essendant as your “anchor” suppliers along with a continuing array of direct buy suppliers to keep you priced competitive. Supplier training modules, ISG Webinars and Jan/San field business development reps are available for dealers who want to commit to the understanding and growth of jan/san and breakroom products for their dealership.

Jan/San: Although starting to sell Jan/San is often associated with selling the higher volume towel and tissue products in the category, liners, chemicals, and health and wellness products also offer add-on sales to you OP orders. Ask for their Jan/San business. Promote one stop shopping and quick delivery. You have a competitive edge when it comes to services and system capabilities compared to your local jan/san distributor. 

Breakroom: It is very often advised that if you want to get to your customers breakroom business get him to buy their coffee from you first. After that, the staple product of cups, plates, utensils, napkins, towels, food and beverage will easily follow. Commit to a coffee service program, whether it is the Kuerig K-cups, the more inexpensive pods or the traditional coffee tubs and packs and watch your sales in breakroom grow.

Green: The customer requests for green alternatives to cleaning and breakroom has never been stronger. A variety manufactures offer recycled and green products throughout all categories of products including, towel and tissue, cleaners, liners breakroom supplies. Ask you customers if green is important in their offices and backrooms.