ISG Staff Helps Secure New Business Opportunity for 1st Source  
When Greg McLeod, CEO and President of 1st Source, reached out to ISG Facility Supply Director, Frank Hoard, he did so in hopes of finding a supplier that could help his business break into the food service items category and provide 1st Source with an additional source of revenue.

1st Source was looking to provide a potential new client with compostable “clamshells” for takeout orders at their restaurants, marina, golf course, and gaming operations. To make this venture into a new product category realistic, attainable, and profitable, 1st Source would require a consistent and reliable supplier for this truly niche item.

“When we reached out to Frank, the relationship ISG had with Naturezway was really in its infancy,” Greg McLeod said. “Frank worked diligently on our behalf to introduce us to the Naturezway leadership team and was fully engaged until the deal was consummated. Since the initial introduction, we’ve developed a very good working relationship with the Naturezway team.”

Once an agreement was reached between 1st Source, ISG and Naturezway, Greg worked closely with ISG CFO, Jeff Matthews, and ISG Credit Manager, Barbara Kraus, to review their projected sales and ensure that 1st Source could financially accommodate taking on this new business opportunity.

“We really could not have secured this new business without the help of all the amazing staff at ISG,” McLeod said. “I believe that working with ISG is critically important for both short and long-term success, especially given the still chaotic and unpredictable nature of the market. ISG has been a steadfast, responsive partner who is helping us grow our business in both new and traditional product categories. I wouldn’t go to battle without them.”

Because the ISG staff was able to connect and help 1st Source secure a partnership with a reliable supplier like Naturezway, 1st Source now has the necessary tools to expand its reach in this new area of business. That expanded reach has led to an immediate return in additional revenue for the organization and has given them the potential to acquire more clients in the near future.

“The high-quality products and superior support from Naturezway put us in the right strategic position to secure more than $200,000 a year in additional sales,” McLeod said. “Our ability to reliably source and deliver their products has helped build our credibility in this product category. Now we’re pursuing several additional, strategic opportunities to provide Naturezway products to other potential customers and prospects. I feel we are now in an ideal position to capture new business in the months ahead,” McLeod said.

If you would like more information about 1st Source or their experience working with the ISG team, please reach out to Greg McLeod by calling 612-868-1743 or emailing him at