ISG Programs Provide Catalyst to Snap Office Supplies’ Success

(Snap Office Supplies Team)
Looking for a spark to ignite a sustained long-term period of success, Snap Office Supplies, located in Richmond, Virginia, decided to look into what a membership with Independent Suppliers Group could do for them.

Since making the call back in 2016, Snap Office Supplies has used its ISG membership as the catalyst to newfound success that they hadn’t seen before.

“Without a doubt, our membership with ISG has played a key factor in the success of our business,” said Andy Todd, Snap Office Supplies, Vice President of Sales. “The resources available, and the access to ISG staff, have given our team the ability to expand our offerings and increase our knowledge and expertise to our clients. We now can compete in markets where we had limited vendors and accelerate our growth.”

Other than opening doors to new markets, creating connections between new businesses and vendors, an ISG membership also comes with access to valuable programs. With programs for marketing, furniture, and Jan/San to name a few, these tools give ISG members everything they need to design their own path to success.

“Without access to these programs, I don’t know where we’d be today,” Andy Todd said. “The EPIC and furniture programs have provided huge opportunities for us. On the furniture side of things, having access to a wide variety of manufacturers has been tremendous.

Between the programs and access to new areas of business, there are obvious benefits to becoming an ISG member. However, for businesses like Snap Office Supplies, there are other benefits that can provide real value and that are only realized once you start to utilize your membership and discover the effects it can have on the other areas of your company.

“I’m a big believer in the phrase, “you only get out what you put into it,” Andy Todd said. “Sure, you can join ISG for the benefits, but if you aren’t willing to share your experiences, you’re doing yourself and others a disservice. If you’re considering becoming a member, ask for a few references, and make a few calls. That’s what we did, and it’s been a great decision.”