ISG’s Direct Buy & Rebate Programs Help OfficePro Continue to Grow
When Jamin Arn and OfficePro decided to join ISG they did so in search of a group that would be able to provide them with the resources and programs that would help facilitate the growth in business that they needed in order to be successful.

The two programs that OfficePro has utilized the most, in order to obtain that success, have been ISG’s direct buy and rebates programs. These tools have given OfficePro the ability to purchases the products they need for the best price possible and have added vital profitability to the organization as a whole.

“You know, when I first started OfficePro we didn’t really stock much inventory,” Arn said. “However, with the ability ISG gives us to buy direct from suppliers, our stocking has increased every year. In turn this has added greatly to our overall bottom line.”

OfficePro’s use of the ISG Direct Buy program has expedited their growth into the successful office products distributor that they are today. They also profited greatly from ISG’s rebate program, which goes hand-in-hand with buying directly from suppliers.

“The profitability we’ve gained from the rebate program has really aided in accelerating our growth as an organization,” Arn said. “Considering our growth and acquisitions, it’s really imperative not to have cash flow issues. That’s exactly what the rebate program has done for us. Having these extra funds through the ISG rebate program has been a real catalyst in our continued growth and success.”

Through their hard work and dedication, along with the implementation of these ISG programs, OfficePro has blossomed from their humble beginnings in a small Janesville, Wisconsin garage, into the largest family-owned office supply distributor in all of Wisconsin. A reality that Jamin Arn believes is possible for anyone that takes advantage of their ISG membership.

“While every dealer is unique, I suggest being open-minded and take a look at what ISG has to offer,” Arn said. “You could be leaving a lot of money on the table and not capitalizing on potential money, buying power, and skus that you may not have access to on your own.”

If you would like more information about OfficePro Inc., or their experience with ISG’s Direct Buy and Rebates Programs, please reach out to Jamin Arn by calling 608-531-6001 or emailing him at