Unlocking Remarkable Growth: Pala Supply

In the dynamic landscape of business, growth is the ultimate goal. For Pala Supply, this aspiration has become a reality as they have seen their purchases increase 100% over the last year. This impressive feat has not been a result of mere chance, but rather a testament to their decision to implement a Buy Direct Sell Brands strategy and leverage the power of their Independent Suppliers Group (ISG) membership.

“Direct buy pricing has really made a difference for us,” said Larry Jost, owner of Pala Supply Company. “The ability to offer low pricing has made us more competitive with some of the bigger companies. It’s also allowed us to get bigger customers and win opportunities we normally wouldn’t.”

As Pala Supply Company’s purchasing volume has surged over the past year, Larry attributes the open and transparent communication between ISG and its members as a key tool to their tremendous success. By keeping a close eye on price increases and industry developments, Larry has kept Pala Supply Company well informed and better prepared to navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

“Thanks to the amount of communication between us and ISG, I’ve been able to stay in the loop on everything happening in the industry,” said Larry. “I’ve been able to use the various tools and benefits of our membership to shop the best prices and make key decisions on who we want to work with.”

Pala Supply's impressive growth is a testament to their proactive approach in harnessing the benefits of their ISG membership. By leveraging ISG's resources, from competitive pricing to an extensive supplier network, Pala Supply has not only expanded its reach but also strengthened its position in the market. Their willingness to embrace the opportunities offered by ISG has played a pivotal role in propelling their business forward.

“Between visiting the website daily, working with the credit department, and the rebates we receive that factors into our profit and bottom line, all of this has really helped us to get things done while staying in the loop on everything we need to know,” said Larry. “Aside from the financial tools that come with being an ISG member, we’ve also been able to get our name out there and increase our marketing efforts with programs like IntelliWeb, which offers a whole wealth of information.”

Between the exceptional growth and new streamlined operations, Larry and Pala Supply Company have seen tremendous value as ISG members and see it as a key factor for other businesses looking to unlock their full potential.

"Get on board; it's definitely worth the investment to become a full ISG member,” said Larry. “Our experience with ISG has been nothing short of transformative. The resources and support they offer can truly have a positive and far-reaching impact on your business.”

If you would like more information about Pala Supply, please reach out to Larry Jost by emailing him at larry@schoolsupplypacks.com.
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