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Independent Suppliers Group Announces Discover Your Next Move 2.0

Rosemont, IL – April 11, 2022 – Independent Suppliers Group (ISG) has announced the launch of the Discover Your Next Move 2.0 that will assist its members to adapt and develop strategies to deal with the continued economic headwinds, changing industry dynamics, and the evolving hybrid work environment.

Building off the success of Discover Your Next Move in 2021, this initiative continues to focus on the importance of reacting to change before it happens. Key components of Discover Your Next Move 2.0 include webinars, virtual townhalls with member and supplier panels, educational videos detailing category trends and successful acquisitions, as well as access to important articles on relevant topics and challenges ISG members are facing.

The Discover Your Next Move 2.0 webinar topics will cover what matters most today - including supply chain constraints, the labor market, the Great Resignation, selling in the hybrid environment, and category trends. 

ISG will be kicking off Discover Your Next Move 2.0 in early May, with a virtual panel detailing the current supply chain constraints. This panel will feature ISG suppliers that will share their experiences on how they’ve dealt with the current state of the supply chain and offer advice on how our members can be more resourceful, creative, and successful, despite the challenges they are facing.

“In today’s market, it is never safe to sit still,” said Myers Jordan of Herald Office. “It’s awesome to see how dealers across the country are using what this program offers, to adapt to the changing landscape and learning new ways to drive profits! ISG programs, like this one, offer the chance for members and suppliers to collaborate and generate countless ideas.”

About the Independent Suppliers Group 
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