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Independent Suppliers Group Announces
Q1 2022 Rebate Distribution & 2021 Patronage Dividend

Rosemont, IL – August 11, 2022 – Independent Suppliers Group is pleased to announce that it successfully distributed its Q1 2022 rebates of more than $6,200,000 to its members, as of June 2022. This number represents a 6.5% increase over the same quarter from last year. 

In addition to the Q1 rebates, the ISG Board of Directors has approved a $2.7 million patronage dividend, for 2021, to its shareholders of record. The rebate distributions and patronage dividend are two examples of how ISG continues to provide value on a consistent basis to its members.

“I am happy to report that ISG members enjoyed a Q1 2022 rebate distribution of $6.2 million, which represents an increase of 6.5% over Q1-2021,” said Jordan Kudler, ISG Board of Directors Chairman. “I am even more pleased to announce that the ISG Board of Directors has approved the 2021 Independent Audit Report and will be distributing $2.7 million to all shareholders of record, based on their proportionate share of central billed purchases through the group. This will be the largest distribution since the merger of Trimega, Independent Suppliers Group and Pinnacle Affiliates. This extraordinary dividend amount is the result of several contributing factors,” said Jordan Kudler. “It exemplifies, just how important it is to drive purchases through ISG, as well as the benefits of participating in all of our programs, including Industry Week and Discover Your Next Move. Our vendor partners are willing to support our group in exchange for delivered results. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the hard-working staff of ISG for all of the efforts that they put forth to help deliver these stellar results through a more streamlined and cost-efficient operating model.”

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About Independent Suppliers Group 
Founded in 1977, Independent Suppliers Group is a leading global organization providing sales, marketing support, and purchasing power for the community-based independent office products dealer. The organization’s members are located throughout the U.S. and in 6 foreign countries. Collectively, Independent Suppliers Group members produce $7 billion in end-user sales. For more information, contact Independent Suppliers Group headquarters (Phone: 847-699-3330); or visit the Independent Suppliers Group website at