National Accounts

EPIC Business Essentials is the Joint Venture between Independent Stationers National Account and Federal Sales and TriMega Purchasing Association's Point Nationwide.

  • With EPIC Business Essentials you can:
    • Leverage existing contracts already secured to
    • Open up new opportunities in your servicing area
    • Retain existing business
    • Increase business in existing accounts
  • Win NEW business by leveraging
    • Resources of EPIC Business Essentials team (bid support, pricing, etc)
    • Geographic reach of EPIC Business Essentials to cover locations of multi-geographic opportunities
    • Relationship with both industry wholesalers that allows you to maximize margins and win business
  • Make Money
    • Build your business financially by booking revenue
    • Leverage EPIC Business Essentials negotiated costs from your first call wholesaler
    • Outsource time consuming activities such as web maintenance, price loads, updates, sales tax, and much more
    • Leverage technology for complex customer requirements such as punchout integration, billing requirements, complex approver hierarchies and more

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