IS OP Master Price File
Starting today, Independent Stationers is launching a new feature called the OP Master Price File.  Vendors have been asked to complete a simple price template so we can combine all OP Supplier pricing into one file.  The OP Master Price File will provide members with a single price file to use for quick reference for pricing and item information.  The new price file does not entirely replace the full manufacturer price files posted to the Vendor Document Library (VDL).  Those often contain more product detail, and in some cases, multiple tiers of pricing which do not fit within the standard template we’ve created.

What Suppliers are Included?
The file contains basic product info and direct-buy pricing for items from our Office Products suppliers.  At this time, 50+ out of approximately 70 vendors have submitted pricing and we expect this to grow over the coming weeks.

What information is Included?
Vendor, Item # and Description, UPC, UM, Current and Future (if known) List Price and Cost, Packaging Levels and Rebate Class.

What is Rebate Class?
Many manufacturers have, increasingly, items on which they pay no or reduced rebate.  This is a general guide to help you know if the vendor pays rebate on the item(s) in question.

Rebateable = item earns rebates under the regular program
Non-Rebateable = item earns REDUCED or no rebate under the regular program.  See Portal for Vendor Program Details

What’s not Included?
RDC Prices:  These can be found in the VDL under RDC
Furniture:  Stock product may be added in 2015
Facilities, Maintenance and Industrial (Jan/San)
Copy Paper and Storage Media suppliers:  Pricing changes frequently.
Custom Product Vendors: i.e. Stamps

How often will the file be updated?
The goal is to publish the OP Master Price File once per quarter, approximately 30 days out from the start of the quarter:  Dec 1, March 1, June 1 and September 1.

Where can I find the OP Master Price File?
The file can be found on the IS website,, in the VDL under a new category labeled OP Master Price File.

Finally, every attempt has been made to provide accurate information, however, pricing is subject to change, and IS and the manufacturers are not responsible for typographical errors.