Meetings & Training

You know your sales teams’ effectiveness will make or break your sales results, so what if there was a recipe to develop the perfect sales team that delivers results for life? Independent Stationers has partnered with Sales CoPilot to bring you the Sales CoPilot AcademyTraining Program. This program integrates with your sales operations and is powered by Momentium™, a sales training system rooted in the science of learning: consistency, frequency and mastery that can be retained and applied in real life. No other program combines these three essential principles.

This program provides online web-based simulations or missions that are sequentially released based on successful achievement, providing detailed scoring, sharing of results and dashboards for performance measurement.  These missions simulate real-world client interactions and the challenges sales people face, while offering information to adapt to any situation. Participants are supported through video conference sales coaching in small classes to bring learning to life through their habits and behaviors.

If you are an Owner or Sales Manager and missed the Sales CoPilot Webinar last week, you will want to listen to this important webinar recording.  Please note that the videos within the recorded session were taped beforehand and played through WebEx, second generation, so the quality is not nearly as good as it is live. Please listen to the recording all the way through to hear the compelling benefits of having your sales reps participate in this training. The deadline to sign up for the first mission is Thursday, March 12.

Click here for the recording: