Meetings & Training

Hewlett Packard will continue its series of exclusive training sessions for IS members by presenting a webinar on HP storage media solutions on Tuesday, June 24th at 11:00 a.m. EST.  The agenda for the training session is listed below:

Why Sell HP LTO media and HP RDX solutions?

Are you looking for additional products to entice new customers and for ways to increase your revenue from current customers?  HP Storage Media is working to assist you in growing your business with product information, marketing materials, pricing discount programs and market information.  The training session will cover the following topics:

  1. The current state of the market for LTO tape media:  Who buys LTO media and why? Who is the competition?
  2. The current state of the market for RDX removable disk solutions:  Who buys it?  What does the competition look like?
  3. Large volume discounts for individual customers: How to get significant discounts for specific deals. These deals range from $10,000 to over $100,000 just for tape media needs at your major accounts. With the right costs, you can eliminate your competitors.
  4. SPIFF Rebates for HP LTO tape and HP RDX:  How to get additional dollars for winning projects with HP Storage Media. 
  5. HP PurchasEdge program:  How your HP ink and toner customers can switch to HP storage media products and pick up more points.
  6. Selling Tips:  How to start the conversation, uncover and close deals for HP LTO tape and HP RDX storage with your prospects and customers.
  7. Where to get more information and support to help close more deals.

HP’s focus is to assist you by providing programs that will increase your revenue with HP LTO tape media and HP RDX solutions. Please join us on this training webinar to discuss how to expand your revenue and profits.

This webinar will last approximately one hour and is ideal for business owners, purchasing, technology, and sales staff.  You can register now by clicking here.