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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (Feb. 4, 2016) – The National Office Products Alliance (NOPA), Independent Stationers (IS) and TriMega Purchasing Association have formed a consortium to develop an aggregation program, that would increase the number of stock keeping units (SKUs) added to the content library for Independent Dealers. This initiative will provide significant benefits to Independent Dealers upon its completion.

NOPA has retained PTC Associates to be a program coordinator and assist our organizations in developing the aggregation pilot program. PTC Associates, led by T.J. Crayne, is a group of distribution veterans focused on leveraging their technical capabilities to increase companies’ profitability and market penetration factors. The consortium believes PTC Associates is the right choice for this initiative based on their knowledge of the office products industry.

The program coordinator will be responsible for working with the interested parties to identify a Content Aggregator, determine what manufacturers and what SKU’s are to be added to the content library. The program coordinator will also work with the aggregator, manufacturers other interested parties to determine specific content the industry will need to effectively utilize the program.

“NOPA is excited to be a part of this initiative as we constantly strive to develop programs that increase Independent Dealers’ productivity,” said NOPA Managing Director Paula Kreuzburg.

“We are working closely with our technology committee to determine when the program will be launched, its pricing structure and how we can use it to strengthen our organizations’ various return-on-investments for our members,” said Mike Maggio, President of TriMega Purchasing Association. “Once that’s finalized, we’ll have much more to share with Independent Dealers and the industry, as a whole.”

“This is a very progressive yet necessary undertaking by our respective groups. We must solve the dealer’s digital dilemma and create a more robust digital content database,” said Mike Gentile, President of Independent Stationers. “This aggregation program is simply another way for our organizations to expand product offerings for the Independent Dealer Channel.”

The participating organizations are continuing to develop and research the aggregation program; additional information will be made available to the Independent Dealer Channel as the program expands.