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We are pleased to announce a new program for members for credit card processing and payroll services. 

Heartland Payment Systems (NYSE:HPY) is a top 5 company in the U.S. credit card processing and payroll industry.

For credit card processing, Heartland is known for pricing transparency and for authoring the Merchant Bill of Rights, which provides dealers with the right to know where their money is actually going.

Heartland is truly a DIRECT processor who deals DIRECTLY with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express while the competition outsources their sales to middle men such as banks, POS dealers, or various other resellers. With Heartland you’re buying direct vs. going through a middle man.

We offer Heartland Secure FREE OF CHARGE, where Heartland assumes all liability for any data breaches that would occur via credit card processing. Can you think of anyone in the office products industry who needed this?

For those who do less than $1 million per year in American Express, we can offer significantly lower rates AND include AMEX on the same statement and in the same batches as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

We offer 24/7/365 service from our state of the art service center in Jeffersonville, IN as well as, a protected web site where you can access sales / processing info at any time.

We credit the interchange involved in RETURNS, which many companies do not do. Does yours?

Heartland’s Ovation Payroll offers a wide variety of payroll functions for the dealer, including:

  • Complete tax service
  • Direct deposit or other multiple payment options for the employee
  • On-line payroll entry and tracking for both the employer and employee
  • No cost addition and subtraction of employees
  • Many other standard payroll options.

We also offer Ovation Payroll Plus, where we customize the program to meet the HR needs of the dealer, including HR functions such as an employee handbook, performance reviews, and an HR resource to answer any sensitive HR questions.

We also offer a dedicated team for each customer, meaning you’ll be contacting someone who is familiar with your business and not the person who happens to answer the phone. This is all offered at a cost significantly less than the top national players.

For additional information, please visit the IS web site or contact Jim Feight at 317-753-2845 or via email at

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