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Most dealers believe that they are exempt from paying sales tax when they make purchases from our contracted vendors, because the purchased items will be resold to end-users.  That is a correct belief, assuming that a resale tax exemption certificate for the state into which the product is being shipped is on file with IS, who then shares that certificate with the manufacturer.

IS collects resale tax exemption certificates from all dealers at the time membership begins, and tries to keep them updated.  However, it is possible that you have added states in which you are certified as exempt since the time you joined IS.

What we need for you to do now is to email or fax to Cora's attention the resale tax exemption certificates you have for any and all states in which you have a certificate.  Here are a couple of pointers to review before you send anything over:

  1. Make sure the certificate is signed and dated with a current date.
  2. You don't need to make it out to Independent Stationers.  Leave the Supplier blank, so the various manufacturers can use it as well.
  3. Send over what you have, even if you believe IS already has it - a currently dated form is better than anything we have in the file.
  4., or 317-579-0575 fax.

IS posts all resale tax exemption certificates on our web site so that the manufacturers can access them as needed. 

This is Phase 1 of a new project being undertaken to make sure that everyone at IS and at your dealership understands what are the current rules regarding sales tax exemption.  These have changed over time, and/or are being more strictly enforced as more and more states seek to increase revenue.  We will be issuing more news and updates on this topic as this project progresses - if you have any questions, please email  Thank you!