Federal Sales
The U.S. AbilityOne Commission is ahead of the curve, releasing the 4th quarter Essentially The Same (ETS) and National Stock Number (NSN) files this week. The new files are effective October 1st. If your dealership did not receive copies directly from AbilityOne, they are available to download from the member dashboard.

Who needs another buyer or influencer at a federal agency in your target market? Federal agencies use of www.fbo.gov to solicit industry for responses to office products requirements is in full effect. New and updated requests are posted to the site daily. A search agent can alleviate the need for your dealership checking the site every day. The search agent does the checking for you and emails the results to you as often as you choose. Every solicitation will not result in new business however, every solicitation includes an agency point of contact that you can follow up with to learn about future opportunities and share your value proposition for new business.

If your Department of State (DoS) customers “went dark” all of a sudden, it may be because the agency issued guidance communicating their support for three FSSI OS3 CLIN 1 General Office Supplies contracts. The policy states BahFed Corp, MJL Enterprises and Shelby Distributions contracts are accessible to its buyers via the Ariba procurement system. The DoS guidance also singles out four specific OS3 CLIN 3 Toner/Ink Only contracts…Access Products, ABM Federal Sales, ASE Direct and Alliance Micro.

There will not be an August edition of the Federal Forum. We will resume the webinar series on Friday, September 24th at 11am EST. Be on the lookout for a link to register for the Forum in my next federal sales Insider article.

As always please do not hesitate to contact Russell Gatewood via email at gatewood@independentstationers.coop or by phone at (240) 682-4028 to schedule a one-on-one planning session or to discuss any questions regarding our Federal Sales Program.