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On May 1st we were very pleased to release the record first quarter results for your national and regional account arm – EPIC Business Essentials.  The response from you has been terrific and it is heartening to see EPIC continuing to gather traction with independent dealers and our customers. 

EPIC is the only independent dealer channel model that can provide a single nationwide front-end eCommerce platform for a consistent and seamless end-user experience.  This single portal provides world-class levels of reporting and data retrieval – on par with our two publicly-traded national competitors.   This powerful portal also allows for dealers to be “in the forefront” when it is important to push their name versus EPIC.  Examples are –

Yes, believe it or not, both of the links above are the EPIC OrderPoint system, but with custom homepages pushing the customer and/or the dealer contract holder.  As you can see, customization has no limits as EPIC collaborates with dealers to enable them to put their very best foot forward.

Instead of trying to piecemeal service a regional or national account with a freight-cost-prohibitive wholesaler drop-ship program – support your group by supporting EPIC.  Here is an example of how you can save money while increasing your end-users’ service experience –


Wholesaler Drop-Ship


Freight Charges?

Yes – averaging 12% or more


Fees to originating dealer?



Fees to servicing dealer?


4.0% + fee to originating dealer

Customer billed by originating dealer?



Servicing dealer booking a sale?



Minimum percentage back to originating dealer for remote delivery sale?



Here is an example:

  • Dealer in NYC has an account with a branch in Miami.The branch business is handled via the wholesaler drop-ship program, with deliveries such as palletized paper shipments being problematic and costly.The dealer realizes that they are making money on the NYC customer, but making nothing or losing money in Miami.
  • Under the EPIC program, the dealer offers the account through the OrderPoint portal and the sequence would be as follows –
    • The NYC customer places a $100 order and the host dealer fills, wraps and delivers.The host dealer books the sale with EPIC coordination of collections and upon receipt of funds, EPIC electronically transfers $96 [$100 less the 4%] to the host dealer.
    • The Miami branch customer places a $100 order and a Miami dealer fills, wraps and delivers.The host dealer books the sale and again EPIC coordinates the collection.The servicing dealer in Miami also books a sale [receivable from EPIC]. Upon collection, the servicing dealer in this case is paid $92 [less the 4% to EPIC, and in this case 4% payable to the host dealer].At that same time, the 4% is electronically transferred to the host dealer.
  • Under this scenario, the end-user has superior service and the host dealer has a guaranteed minimum profitability percentage, with the servicing dealer basically paying a “sales commission” to the host dealer for bringing them this additional customer.

SO, there is an alternative to wholesaler drop-ship that allows for a minimum guaranteed percentage of the sale back to the originating dealer, while still keeping the sale AND increasing the end-user positive service experience!  EPIC has experienced, former power-channel staff to help take you from A to Z in moving this business to a better model.  Use them!

For more information, contact – info@epicbusinessessentials.com, or feel free to reach out to either of us at any time!

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