You know that feeling you get inside when you've helped someone out and get a smile in return, done a good deed and made someone's day better, made a donation to a cause knowing it will help out someone in's pretty great, huh?!

Join us for a fun and rewarding event that will benefit military members, seniors and children. No matter what project you choose to do during the event, you’re sure to make new friends and connect with long-time buddies, all while giving back to the community!

Activities we will participate in during EPIC are:

  • Writing notes of thanks and encouragement for active military members, which will be distributed by the American Red Cross
  • Painting and decorating flower pots and filling them with pretty flowers to brighten up a seniors’ day at a local retirement community, Kinsley House
  • Hand-painting pillowcases stuffed with a book for foster children with One Heart NOLA. These foster children often take their belongings to new homes in trash bags and a decorated pillowcase is a wonderful alternative for them to transport their treasured possessions.
  • Packing backpacks with school supplies.

There is no cost to participating in this Giveback event - just a little of your time and goodwill!  The Helping Hands Giveback event will take place on Wednesday morning, October 17, between breakfast and the Vendor Tradeshow.  Give up 90 minutes of your time for others - pay it forward!  You know you wanna do it!  Register to participate with your activity selection by going to EPIC Registration!