EPIC 2015

Attention all Independent Stationers Shareholders:  Do not forget to send in your Proxy for the voting at the upcoming Shareholders Meeting on October 7th in Las Vegas at EPIC 2015!  Each shareholder was sent a copy of the Proxy, along with the Notice of the Shareholders Meeting and the Report of the Nominating Committee.  Each shareholder needs to return a signed Proxy so your vote can be cast at the shareholders meeting.  We ask that you send the proxy in even if you are going to be attending EPIC - you will get the proxy back at the start of the shareholders meeting along with the ballot for your dealership.

Questions?  Contact Cora at 317-579-1111, or cora@independentstationers.coop.  You can email the signed proxy to Cora's email or fax to her at 317-579-0575.