EPIC 2015

With the announcement of the new joint venture, EPIC Business Essentials, we have updated the lineup of seminars on national accounts at the upcoming EPIC 2015 conference next month. You will find articles on each of these new topics in this Insider, but to recap, here are the new sessions added:

  • EPIC Business Essentials National Account Opportunities
  • The Best of Both Worlds Comes Together-EPIC Business Essentials (offered twice)
  • Conquering the Public Sector

If are attending EPIC, and have previously selected classes to attend, but would instead like to take advantage of these new educational opportunities, we can make that happen!   Here's how:


You can go back to www.wherebighappens.com, click Register, enter your name & email address that you used to register originally.  It will say that is already in use, and ask for your Confirmation number.  Enter that and it will allow you to modify your schedule.  If you don't have your confirmation number, Cora@independentstationers.coop is where to email for assitance.

Or, you can email cora@independentstationers.coop, tell her that you want to get into these sessions, and she will be able to help get your registration updated.

We are excited about these new classes, and want to be sure that we do everything that we can to get you scheduled into them accordingly.

Contact Cora (email above) or 317-579-1111 if you have questions!