Quality Connections: A Mission of Empowerment

Celebrating their 25th year, Quality Connections (QC) has made remarkable strides in its mission to help individuals with disabilities become self-sufficient and gain employment. As a non-profit organization, QC is supported by local businesses and their subsidiary, Quality Office, which helps fund their mission.

At the heart of QC’s efforts is the belief that everyone can overcome barriers with the right support. Since its inception, QC has served over 2,500 individuals in the Flagstaff, Arizona, community, providing them with the tools and opportunities to lead independent lives, by offering skills training and working with local businesses to find employment for the individuals that Quality Connections represent. 

“We’ve all had our own barriers to overcome to get to where we are today,” said Doug Arnett, QC Chief Communication Officer. “Our mission is to help people with disabilities find employment by helping them hone the necessary living and individual skills to promote their independence.”

Despite the nobility of their mission, QC faced significant challenges in maintaining funding. Nearly two decades ago, QC decided to take actionable steps not only to sustain their organization but also to grow and expand their reach into more local communities.

“When I was leading the program, we were looking for a way to source QC Toner for Quality Office,” Doug said. “While our mission is centered on creating job opportunities, we never seemed to be able to turn a profit to help support this mission. ISG’s direct buy programs have helped us lower costs and move into profitability, enabling us to help more people.”

Quality Connections has expertly used their ISG membership to completely change their financial landscape. Along with eliminating the threat of unsustainability, QC has used their ISG membership to ensure the longevity of their program. They have also leveraged their membership to take advantage of valuable networking opportunities, leading to invaluable partnerships.

“The direct partnerships that we’ve formed with ISG Suppliers have been huge for us,” Doug said. “They have provided us with the resources and support that would have otherwise been out of reach. It’s enabled us to serve our customers with specific needs in a timely manner, which ultimately helps us diversify our client base and help as many people as possible.”

As QC looks to the future, they remain committed to their mission and are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. By continually leveraging strategic partnerships and innovative approaches, QC aims to expand their reach even further, touching more lives and fostering independence in communities across Arizona.

For more information about Quality Connections, please contact David Smith, Director of QC Office, by emailing him at davids@qualityconnections.org.
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