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AOPD & Pinnacle to Team Up for Industry Week ’22 One-on-One Meetings

Rosemont, IL – August 5, 2022 – American Office Products Distributors, Inc. (AOPD) and Pinnacle have announced an agreement to co-brand and partially combine their One-on-One meetings at Industry Week ’22 in November. This combination will include AOPD and Pinnacle Dealers and business partners that currently overlap memberships. It will also include Pinnacle Only (non-AOPD) Dealers and Suppliers that have been part of previous Pinnacle One-on-One’s.

Both AOPD and Pinnacle have been doing One-on-One meetings for their dealers and suppliers for years. By combining these meetings, both groups seek to minimize duplication, along with reducing time and expense for all participants.

Effectively, AOPD is combining a portion of its “Engage” Annual Meeting with Pinnacle One-on-Ones. A dealer that is both an AOPD and a Pinnacle member will have “ONE” One-on-One meeting with both AOPD and Pinnacle Business Partners during Industry Week ’22 in Las Vegas. AOPD’s participation will bring sales and marketing focus to these conversations, promoting growth in AOPD contract sales which will increase rebate dollars on Pinnacle programs.
AOPD dealers and business partners that are not Pinnacle members, will not be doing One-on-One’s at Industry Week ‘22. These companies will be doing AOPD One-on-One’s again at AOPD’s Annual Meeting in 2023. AOPD, ISG, and Pinnacle view this effort as an important step to collaboration on future meetings. These groups now have a mutual interest to do similar events together, where possible, as long as value is not diluted. This meeting is a great example of that.

Concerning this agreement, Beth Freeman, AOPD Board President, commented, “AOPD is focused on bringing the most value to the members of our group. We feel that the combination of the AOPD and Pinnacle One-on-One’s is a logical step towards reducing redundancy within the IDC, which will allow us to enhance our meeting formats to bring even more robust content to our members as we move forward.”  

Pinnacle Chairman, Bruce Eaton, offered the following comments, “Pinnacle membership has always valued our time with key suppliers in a One-on-One format and we understand the Office Products Industry consolidates and evolves from the economic challenges we face today. Consolidating meeting time with suppliers at Industry Week ’22 seems like a progressive step forward in trying to control costs as well as a collaboration for the overlapping memberships of Pinnacle and AOPD. I think we will all learn from this experience.”

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