Do you find yourself not quite sure who to call at ISG when you’ve got a question? Well, we will ALL do our best to answer your question, but we've created a listing of the best ISG team members to reach out to for anything that pops up! Think of it as a ISG telephone cheat sheet! We’re just a phone call away! 
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Our Executives

Mike Gentile
President & CEO
Ext. 116

TJ Crayne
Vice President, Information Technology
Ext. 137

Jill O'Neill
Vice President, Merchandising
Ext. 164

Charles Forman
EVP Sales & Marketing
Ext. 118

Jeff Matthews
Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 124

Janet Eshenour
Vice President of Marketing
Ext. 128

Brian Stevenson
Director, Technology & Managed Services
Ext. 143

Our Team

Tom Ashburn
Director of Member Development
Ext. 131

Tammy Crawford
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Ext. 136

Will Garza
Cost Management & Rebate Analyst
Ext. 121

Frank Hoard
Director, Facility Supply Channel
Ext. 125

Barbara Kraus
Credit Manager
Ext. 126

Diane Pakonen
Customer Service Manager
Ext. 122

Bob Samborski
Systems Administrator
Ext. 133

Brendan Cadman
Communications Manager
Ext. 117

Joellen Ferrentino
Marketing Administrator
Ext. 134

Kris Gilliond
Merchandising Category Analyst
Ext. 113

Erik Jensen
IT Administrator

Jelena Milicevic
Administrative Manager/Member Services
Ext. 178

Rebecca Pefley
Ext. 111

The INTEC Team

Tanya Ross
Manager, Partner Development & Technology