Per 3M Corporation:

As previously communicated, 3M is pleased to announce the launch of a new global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which we are implementing in the U.S. We are deploying in a phased approach, starting with ordering and transactional activities, followed by distribution centers, and ending with our manufacturing plants.

3M’s U.S. order/transaction implementation is scheduled for August, 2018 along with the site deployment of one of our distribution centers (DK6) in Dekalb, Illinois.

You will see changes to your order and shipping documents. A reference guide is located on the 3M ERP information site at If you have not already reviewed the reference guide, we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the changes.

There will be a short blackout period when order processing is on hold while we convert to our new system. Please anticipate this downtime to ensure a smooth transition. If you choose to increase your inventory, work with your 3M representative now to determine when best to place your orders to allow the delivery to be received in advance of the blackout period. Otherwise please use these dates for guidance:

Last shipment week July 23 - 26, 2018
New shipments begin August 2, 2018