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Independent Stationers launched a last mile delivery service program with TForce Final Mile, an expert in same day and next day final mile logistics. 

The webinar provided a quick overview of TForce, how the program works, and the service they offer. It was very interactive with lots of questions to help members understand how using final mile services can drive down operating costs in your business.

Some of the webinar highlights included:

  • How to determine the dealers’ footprint that matches their delivery capabilities
  • Submit data history for a rate quote
  • Tracking capabilities
  • Technology used
  • Free cost analysis to help all members make the decisions in serving their customers

By partnering with Tony Patricelli at TForce, your business can take advantage of the TForce Delivery System, control costs and improve your customer’s overall delivery experience.

Tony Patricelli, 224.563.7030,

Webinar Recording: