While doing R&D, Shachihata discovered that the addition of salt into an experimental rubber compound resulted in the development of a proprietary, salt-leached rubber… and the Xstamper® pre-inked stamp was born. With continued innovation, the rubber was adapted to laser manufacturing.  Why does this matter?  Because this proprietary rubber, along with being precision laser-cut, allows the Xstamper® to produce the sharpest-detailed impressions possible, time and time again. 

Shachihata is a 3rd generation family owned vertically integrated company; manufacturing all the components of the Xstamper® in-house. Combining the proprietary rubber with the most durable, eco-friendly plastics, led to the first ever lifetime guarantee on any rubber stamp. Shachihata continues to stand behind that guarantee because the Xstamper® is the World’s greatest rubber stamp. Hand-crafted and tested by experienced stamp makers, the Xstamper® truly is the highest-quality stamp available anywhere.

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