Do you know what parts and supplies are being installed in your Canon equipment?

Not all consumables are created equal. Some companies claim to make a Canon-compatible product, but using third-party toner, parts and drums may diminish your output quality.

Canon consumables are designed specifically by Canon to work with maximum efficiency. The best way to ensure the highest quality, with the least amount of downtime, is to always ask for Genuine Canon toner, drums and parts.

Using Genuine Canon toner ensures a longer life for Canon equipment and provides higher yields and superior performance. 

Check the box!

The best way to make sure you are getting only Genuine Canon toner, drums and parts is to check the packaging. If it says, “For use in Canon,” it is NOT a Genuine Canon product. Only Canon products have the Canon logo and are imprinted with the word “Genuine.” on the box. When using Genuine Canon consumables, Canon quality is always present.