While your job entails having a lot of unexpected events, presentations and projects thrown your way, anticipating your paper needs and ordering ahead can help minimize stress. And part of ordering ahead is making sure you have the right assortment of paper for your office.

Standard copy paper (20 lb., 92 bright) is great for your everyday copying needs, such as drafts, internal memos or proofs.

For your presentations and proposals, a good rule of thumb is to go heavier and brighter – look for 28 lb. or 32 lb., with a 98 or higher brightness. Don’t forget that card stock, which is great for report covers and cards. Making sure you have the right paper on hand ensures that you don’t run out when a deadline is looming and stress levels are high.

Boot That Bad Paper

It’s also important to make sure you are choosing paper that won’t jam your printer. When you’re trying to get 100 copies of a 20-page presentation printed an hour before your meeting, you don’t want the printer going down. Paper jams lead to loss of office productivity, which in a high-paced office is never a good thing.

Lower cost paper may be appealing when you’re watching your budget but a lot of these papers don’t have a performance guarantee so you have to factor in the cost of wasted paper and time. To avoid this, focus on selecting and purchasing paper with a jam-free or performance guarantee – like Xerox® Vitality® Multipurpose Printer Paper.

Color Coordination

It’s also no surprise that staying organized is a great way to keep your office moving smoothly. It’s become normal practice to see hundreds of emails, documents and memos come across your desk monthly – sometimes daily. With this barrage of paper comes the task of determining priority and deciding what should go where.

Using different color paper is a great way to assign meanings to documents (urgent, to file) or to sort by department (one color for accounting, another for HR.) Using pastel or brightly color paper is also a fun way to take notes and make to-do lists – keeping those important thoughts from getting lost on a desk full of white paper.

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