The number one differentiator for companies that are slow to grow and those that are knocking the ball out of the park is… Effective Sales Leadership.  So often, salespeople are promoted to management prematurely, without the skills and experience to be an effective sales leader. Small and midsize business owners are wearing multiple hats, and may lack resources or talent to lead a sales team successfully. Large organizations face the daunting task of developing the next generation of millennial sales leaders.

There is an urgent need for companies, especially independent dealers, to uplevel their sales leadership in order to innovate, continue to create customer loyalty, strategically compete, and win new business against disruptive competitors.

For over 15 years, hundreds of office products independents have enjoyed and learned from the many coaching, consulting and training programs that Krista Moore and her team at K.Coaching have provided the industry.  You may have been inspired by her seminars at EPIC, worked with her 1:1, or became an IDGrowth Member for online learning.

We have good news for you!  Krista has codified her winning approach in her new book Race to Amazing, to help you get on the fast track to sales success using a proven system that has been cultivated over 40 years.

Top Sales World has already named Race to Amazing one of the Top Sales Books for 2018. Krista combines her personal experiences growing up in a small coal-mining town, leading sales for a multimillion-dollar independent, building sales teams as a Sales Manager for Boise Cascade Office Products and creating and executing a winning strategy as a VP of Sales for Corporate Express.

The past 15 years Krista has been an advocate for the independent dealer, and remains passionate about seeing them successful. K.Coaching and their Race to Amazing Program™ has been successfully implemented by hundreds of companies and thousands of sales professionals throughout North America, the UK and Australia.

With Race to Amazing: Your Fast Track to Sales Leadership you will learn through her relatable stories, shared experiences, and practical applications of how other sales leaders may struggle, yet can quickly create a winning system and style. It is chock-full of office product stories and acknowledges many of the people that have supported her along the way.

Our own Mike Gentile was acknowledged on page 218:

“To Mike Gentile, who gave me my first big break just months after starting my company, when he hired me for a training road trip covering ten cities in three months. This gave me tremendous exposure to my ideal market and potential clients. I am thankful for the oppor­tunity and for the trust and confidence you had in me.”

Race to Amazing contains all the tools you need to achieve success:

•          Gain clarity on your vision, your talents, and developmental path

•          Create and lead a winning sales strategy

•          Build an effective sales management system

•          Create a motivating and inspiring leadership style 

•          Learn a “Coach Approach” to sales leadership

Let’s support Krista Moore once again for all that she has done for our industry by purchasing and sharing her book with others. Available at Amazon and bookstores near you.

Krista S. Moore is the Founder and CEO of K.Coaching, Inc., a sales leadership coaching, consulting, and training organization. She is a sought-after Motivational Speaker, Author, Certified Business Coach, and host of The Krista Moore Talk Show. Krista combines her real-life business experiences and motivational coaching style to help others achieve outstanding success in their lives and in their careers.