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Indianapolis, IN – October 17, 2018—Independent Stationers, an industry leading nationwide member-owned business products cooperative, announced a major rebranding of its corporate identity with a new name, logo and tagline. The group will now be known as Independent Suppliers Group with the tagline “Innovative Thinking. Purchasing Power.

The new brand identity reflects the dealer group’s desire to more accurately describe what the cooperative represents today, which is a “big tent” that enables different types of dealer focus, including office supplies, furniture, facilities/maintenance/industrial dealers. It also eliminates the antiquated use of the word “stationers” that was developed back in 1977.

“This rebranding initiative was a great exercise and allowed us to better characterize who we really are as an organization and where we want to go in the future”, said Janet Eshenour, Director of Marketing, Independent Suppliers Group. “We’re very excited about our new branding with the bright, colorful logo and tagline that represents who we are today.”

Tonya Horn, Chairman of Independent Suppliers Group said, “It was important for us to find a name that positions our group for the future while honoring our past history.” 

The rebranding will feature a phased-in approach including a redesign of its company website, marketing, social media and communications. Its membership will also utilize the new brand and logo in their marketing, when describing how they are part of a large network of independent dealers.  The website URL will transition to

We will provide the logo to all IS members that want to use it as soon as the website and new URL have been updated.  If you have questions, please contact Janet Eshenour,

Thank you to the IS Task Force, Board and Marketing Committee for their valuable input on this initiative.