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The email below was sent from Dave Guernsey, President and CEO of Guernsey, Inc., to all of his employees.  Please consider drafting a similar message to your employees regarding Amazon’s business tactics.

The attached, third party report is fairly long but insightful as to Amazon's tactics in the effort to secure all federal, state and local government business for itself. But, beyond the government, Amazon has its sights set on being the single marketplace for all commercial and retail commerce in America. It is not much of a stretch to say that Amazon presents a very real and present danger. I hope you'll take the time to read the report and inform yourself.

There are other third party reports that detail the tragic effect Amazon has had on small business in most all industry(s), jobs in America and tax resources for local communities. These third party reports put actual numbers on the impacts...and they are astonishing.

Yes, Amazon is easy and so they say Amazon has everything. Amazon also says their marketplace provides the lowest cost...Guernsey research and research from organizations both inside and outside our industry say otherwise.

Amazon is hype. Pure and simple in my view. But, they are unmatched as a PR machine. Turn on the TV, the radio, read a newspaper and chances are you will see and hear something extolling the very existence of Amazon. Read about what localities are doing to lure Amazon's HQ2 to their area...Maryland offered Amazon $8.5 Billion dollars, New Jersey offered a paltry $7.5 Billion dollars. By contrast, our company has never been offered anything from any government to locate in their area. We compete, and win, solely on our own.

Lastly, in 2017 Amazon contributed $12.8 million dollars to lobby politicians. Is it any wonder that politicians turn a blind eye to the effects of Amazon and instead sing Amazon's praises. Gordon and I are doing all we can to shine a light on the real Amazon,,,we've garnered a lot of press lately and I hope for even more as a groundswell builds.


Dave G.


David M. Guernsey
President and CEO

Guernsey, Inc.