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MJ Hawkins are the Jan-San executive recruiters. They focus on sales and marketing positions in Jan-San and related industries. A few highlights on the firm include:

  1. MJ Hawkins, Inc. has an impeccable reputation the past 27 years and can provide as many references as you would like.
  2. They focus solely on Jan-San (chemicals/equipment/paper/breakroom) and food service industries.
  3. Due to their connections, they have access to ‘A’ player candidates not currently on the ‘job market’ (i.e. they are not out of work candidates that often use LinkedIn and other job sites).
  4. All of their placements are ‘contingency’ based so there is no money due until after there has been a successful offer and acceptance of the candidate they submit.
  5. They guarantee their work.
  6. Exclusive fee reduction for IS members:  27% fee vs the normal 30% fee
  7. Extended guarantee for placements.

If you want to increase your Jan-San sales, consider hiring a specialist!  Contact Anthony for more information on what MJ Hawkins can do for you.

Anthony Trombetta, Executive Recruiter
Michael J. Hawkins, Inc.
Tel: 847-907-4099