Group & Industry News

As of June 1st, 2017, we signed our agreements with Codifyd and started the EPIContent production portal.  We have 17 suppliers that have engaged in the EPIContent project.  Of those 17, 4 have loaded their content to the Codifyd bridge product and are in the process of mapping their attributes to Essendant and SP Richards. The remaining suppliers are at various stages of training and submitting content to Codifyd.

Hon will be our first supplier to syndicate their content, expected to move to the wholesalers this week.  We’re excited to see the process begin.

For some background and understanding, wholesalers syndicate their content once a month.  Typically, their content is refreshed the first of the month.  For a manufacturer to have their content available in the syndication, it must be loaded and approved 30 days in advance of the syndication.  So if content is to be available on October 1st, it must be loaded into the wholesaler’s system on or prior to September 1st.  And to be a bit more conservative, it is suggested that it actually be available 45 days in advance.

The Codifyd team is hosting training about every 2 weeks.  This training is for new suppliers, or suppliers that need a refresh.  We will make this training available as an on-demand YouTube type of recording in the near future.  This will allow new additions at any of our partners to be able to get engaged at their convenience.

To summarize, our four pilot suppliers will be loading their unique items in addition to the items that they added during the pilot – these suppliers are Smead, HSM, PMCompany and Eurotech.   The other suppliers are HON, Fireking, Verbatim, AMAX Products, Fellowes, Global, OFM, BOX, Ghent, Clover, 3M, Zebra and Avery.

Once a dealer is ready to access EPIContent, their primary wholesaler must be informed that they want access to these items (unless they are not using wholesaler search capabilities).  Once the account is authorized for EPIContent, the data will be available in normal search and lookup queries.  A couple of points - for most 3PVs, the content will show up as long as the operational pricing information exists on the dealers system.  If the pricing information does not exist, the content will not show.  The exception to this business practice is for DDMS dealers - for DDMS, the SKUs of the new items must be added to a CCI and made available to users via ecInteractive Plus.  Documentation is available through DDMS support.  We are exploring the capability to make an EPIContent catalog available to ECInteractive users which would greatly simplify the process.  TriMega and IS will also make high level documentation available, along with the affected SKUs.

Initial syndication of available content will commence December 1st.  We will provide the manufacturers and their available SKUs at that point.

Dealers that are not using SP Richards or Essendant’s search capabilities can load content directly into their ecommerce and back-end systems.