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Indianapolis, IN – September 25, 2017 – Independent Stationers, an industry leading nationwide member-owned business products cooperative announced the winners of its annual member sales awards at the recent EPIC 2017 convention in Las Vegas, NV.  Awards were given in several categories as follows:

Top performing members 2016 RDC Sales:

  • Highest Dollar Increase: Louisiana Office Products
  • Highest Percentage Increase: The Office Shop
  • New Member, Highest Dollar Increase: Court Street Office Supplies

Top performing members 2016 Direct Furniture Sales:

  • Highest Dollar Increase: Tallgrass Business Resources
  • Highest Percentage Increase: Williams Office Environments

Top performing members 2016 Facilities & Breakroom Sales:

  • Highest Dollar Increase: Sayes Office Supply
  • Highest Percentage Increase: A&W Supply

Top performing members 2016 Total Direct Sales:

  • Highest Dollar Increase: EVOS Office Products
  • Highest Percentage Increase: Layton Office Supply

Additionally, the third annual Driven to Success award was given out in memory of, and recognition of, the efforts and dedication of Bob Nimmo, who prior to his death in early 2015 served as Member Relations Representative to the Independent Stationers membership.  Bob Nimmo was a staunch supporter and defender of IS members, and worked diligently to help bring them the most value possible.  His high ideals and deep belief in the IS members caused IS to create an award, while not expressly named for him, that epitomizes all Bob did and believed.  Being “Driven”, Bob believed dealers should take advantage of the tools that are available to make their dealerships successful; being progressive in this competitive landscape; being a great corporate citizen with involvement in local communities, and so much more!  As such, nominees for this award have a high level of commitment to and participation in Independent Stationers, their communities and the independent dealer channel.  Six shareholders were nominated for this award, with CMF Business Supplies in South Plainfield, NJ being named the winner for 2016.

Mike Gentile, President and CEO of Independent Stationers said, “I was pleased to see a large number of Independent Stationers members in attendance at this year’s EPIC event.  These award winners are great supporters of our programs and services and they deserve every accolade for their dedication to using all of the tools available to them to grow their businesses.”